Bxrd is an Arizona based artist, songwriter, and record producer. Beginning early in his childhood he battled mental health issues. With no one he felt he could trust to tell, his battle began to bleed over into his behavior. At age 11, he would be submitted into Maricopa County Juvenile, "Scared Straight" Program. Less than a year later, Bxrd would land himself in juvenile detention. This pattern would continue until he eventually was sent to Arizona's infamous juvenile prison; Adobe Mountain School. While incarcerated at Adobe, Bxrd would receive his high school diploma.  Upon release, Bxrd would parole transfer to Houston, where his mother lived. His trouble would not miraculously stop there. Bxrd continued to struggle with his own reality. In 2012, his life would be changed forever when he became a father of a beautiful baby girl. With the mother battling her own demons, Bxrd would become custodial parent, when the child was 5 months. Less than 5 years later,  Bxrd would decide to officially pursue his music career, upon realizing his story and voice were unique and destined to be heard.



See what makes Bxrd special, bro versatile. He know how to touch it all...

- Dj V.I.P, @djvip510

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